Individual Giving

United Way KW & Area provides you with several options when making your gift. You can donate by credit cardcheque, or pre-authorized debit. In fact, why not donate right now! The sooner we receive your gift, the sooner it can be invested into local programs and initiatives that help change community conditions for the better.

Other options for giving include donating stock or making an endowment through our Forever Fund.

Start a Giving Circle

What better way for a group of community-minded individuals to share their passion for making a difference than to make an impact on local social issues that are important to them? Giving Circles enable groups of friends, colleagues or business leaders to pool their money for philanthropic efforts and decide, together, how funds should be used. If you are interested in learning more about how to start a Giving Circle, contact the United Way KW & Area office at 519-888-6100 or email

It all starts with a little change.

ChangeIt® lets you automatically round up your debit, credit, or mobile wallet purchases and donate the difference to causes you care about. It’s the easiest way to give and getting started is simple.

  1. Register your card
  2. Choose one or more charities
  3. Set your monthly rounding limits

Watch your small change make a world of difference!

You can track your donations online, control your rounding preferences any time and even set a monthly maximum. You’ll also receive monthly giving summaries and an Official Donation Receipt for Income Tax Purposes for every penny you donate. It’s a small change in your life that could make a huge difference for so many others.


Give Stock

If you are looking to give the gift of stock between the dates of December 23, 2015 and January 3, 2016, please contact Cathy Snyder at: 

Did you know you can give publicly traded stock to United Way KW & Area and receive an enhanced tax credit? You can either sell your stock and donate the proceeds to United Way KW, or give the stock directly to United Way KW & Area and have us sell it. This option provides a much better tax benefit for you and your family.

Benefits to Giving Stock

Just like investing in stock to maximize return on investment, charitable giving should maximize the availability of tax credits. Giving stock to United Way KW & Area can help you maximize your tax credits. By transferring stock directly to United Way KW & Area to be sold, you can add to your tax benefit through a decrease in capital gains.

How to Give Stock

Please download and review the Process for Donating Stock to help you and your financial advisor begin the process. Then complete the Share Transfer Form

Contribute to the Forever Fund

Gifts to our Forever Fund are endowments, meaning that the original gift will never be spent but rather the interest that gift generates will provide funds.

What the Forever Fund Does

The Forever Fund plays a key role for United Way KW & Area, for this community, and for donors by:

  • Ensuring our ability to identify and develop new prevention initiatives, over and above those annual fundraising efforts.
  • Building our strength to ensure support for future generations in this community.
  • Impacting donors’ tax status, letting them support the fulfillment of their dreams for our community while making thoughtful financial decisions that also benefit their own families.

Gifts to the Forever Fund can be made using cash, credit card, securities/commonly traded stock, a bequest in a will, charitable life insurance, or real estate.

Tribute Gifts

These gifts may be given to honour a loved one who has passed away, celebrate a special occasion, or acknowledge a particular contribution.

Want to Make a Gift to the Forever Fund?

Please email or call 519-888-6100 to receive more information.